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Ballancer pressotherapy system


Procosmo Medica is one of the exclusive distributors of products from Israeli company Mego Afek. We supply only devices made by the world leading manufacturer that is focusing on lymph drainage systems only. Mego Afek was the first company in the world that introduced lymph drainage systems in 1970s and their products are widely used by the top hospitals.

Ballancer is an automatic compression therapy system used for effective lymphatic drainage. It is used by aesthetic professionals in salons, clinics and spas. It is also a necessary tool in studios where ultrasound, cryo or RF treatments are operated. It markedly helps to treat cellulite and with body forming. Ballancer operates at pressures from 20 to 80 mm-Hg and offers a wide range of different massage cycles (sequential procedures), including its unique Pre-Therapy (Pretreatment) Cycle for opening of lymph nodes. This compression therapy device can be used by sportsmen for recovery treatment.



Each Ballancer set includes special Lympha Pants (trousers) that have 24 independent air cells that are made of elastic material and partly cover one each other. This amount of cells assures that the pants will adapt to each person and the treated parts of the body. Ballancer allows to massage the instep, the area of groins and lower part of abdomen. The lymphatic drainage is then complete and 100% effective.

Ballancer system also offers a very unique tool (feature) which is another applicator – jacket, that is used for massaging the upper part of body, arms and back. This jacket has also 24 independent air cells.


Modes of Operation

The Ballancer 606 device applies pressure to the affected limb using the compression garment. The pressure and release cycle enables emptying and refilling the lymphatic, while the directional compression promotes the flow of lymph upward towards the torso.

The Pretherapy (Pretreatment) Cycle

Based on the Wave/Ballancer cycle, the Pretherapy cycle is a primer for the main treatment. The main purpose is to drain the liquids from the proximal portion of the limb. The compression sequence begins near the trunk of the body. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving lower and lower down the limb.

The Wave/Ballancer Cycle

The Wave/Ballancer cycle applies a peristaltic compression sequence to the limb. The sequence is wave-like, where a 30-cm pressure zone is moved along the limb, from distal to proximal. As the pressure in the compression cells rise up the limb, a new air cell is added to the inflated-cells-group, while the first one is deflated, leaving three cells inflated. This occurs progressively until the pressure wave has reached the top of the sleeve and the treatment ends.

The Wave/Ballancer cycle lasts about 20 seconds. The Wave/Ballancer cycle treatment progresses to next cell of the sleeve only after the configured pressure is reached and as a result is slower (approx. 30 seconds).

The Slim Cycle

The Slim cycle applies a directional massage that starts at the base of the treated limb, over the foot or hand, and progresses upwards towards the torso until the entire limb is compressed.

This gradual, directional compression assists the flow of lymphatic fluid out of the swollen area and towards the lymphatic collectors in the torso. It prevents reflux („wrong-way flow“) of lymphatic fluid that could occur if only one discrete area was compressed each time. When the compression wave reaches the top of the limb, the pressure is released for a brief intermission, allowing for lymphatic and venous refill.


Ballancer Advantages

  • 24 independent air cells in the pants (the cells partly cover one each other)
  • 24 independent air cells in the jacket (the cells partly cover one each other)
  • The air cells are made of elastic material for the perfect adjustment to the massaged body part
  • Ballancer can operate up to 3 air cells independently at the same time (inflate and deflate at the same moment)
  • Non-stop and 100% accurate measuring of current pressure in the air cells – the device can adopt the treatment according the current pressure
  • Variability of massages – up to 5 different massage programs
  • Possibility to set up the device with PC and manage the list of customers (with individual treatments)
  • Complete lymphatic drainage – from feet to arms
  • Unique Pre-Therapy program that allows to loosen lymphatic flow in the area of groins
  • Use of heavy duty zippers for the applicators
  • Comfortable usage and great design
    Ballancer is produced by Mego Afek – the inventor of press therapy!

Lymph Drainage Effects

  • stimulates the lymphatic flow
    stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
  • supports the metabolism of skin cells
    helps in cellulite reduction
  • reduces the volume of massaged parts
    increases the skin elasticity
  • helps to increase the effects of ultrasound and RF treatments
  • helps to reduce weight if used periodically
  • recovery and regeneration (removes lactate from muscles)
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