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Meso Lifting Threads


Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure which involves elevating different parts of the face and body which started to sag using special threads without having to make surgical incisions as with a classic face lift which removes large area of excessive skin, fat and tissue. Once the threads are inserted in precise locations using a needle, they are pulled up to lift or tighten the targeted area and anchored and fixated to tissues. The treatment results can be seen immediately after the threads have been inserted and the effect can continue to improve over the following three to six months. The procedure is quick and usually carried out under local anesthesia and it leaves no visible traces of intervention on the skin, thus assuring minimal recovery time.


Twisted Mono

TWISTED MONO is a slightly coiled monofilament polydioxanone suture thattwistedmonohas a smooth surface and it is a standard type which is basically used for mesothread lifting. It is effective for mild lifting and rejuvenation. Comparing to conventional simple monofilament sutures, MESOTRAX TWISTED MONO is easier to insert and has a greater scaffolding effect.

Super Spring

Suture is densely coiled around the needle. The suture is stretched when insertedsuperspring to the skin but it has a property of turning back to the original coiled feature. Due to this natural elasticity, MESOTRAX SUPER SPRING shows a great lifting, more volume and tightening effects and so a small number of threads can achieve a good effect. Comparing to conventional screwed typed sutures, MESOTRAX SUPER SPRING has greater volumizing and lifting effects.

Spiral Lift COG

MESOTRAX COG uses a thread which has bi-directional cogs (barbs). Up cogBidirectional barbed sutures are manufactured from monofilament fibers via a micromachining technique that cuts barbs into the suture. As compared with conventional smooth suture, up and down bidirectional barbed suture may offer multiple advantages. When inserted, barbed sutures self-anchor the skin tissues and hold the lift. The thread stays much more stably and the lifting effect lasts longer. But the treatment requires highly skilled technique and the nerve blocks are needed to control the treatment pain.


MESOTRAX Lift SHARP COG is with a sharp needle and MESOTRAX Lift BLUNT COG s with a cannula which causes less pain, has less risk of bruising, and has a better safety profile.

Ultra Spring COG

ULTRA SPRING is a densely coiled PDO thread which is designed to improveultraspring lifting and volume up effect. A stopper which fixes the thread to the needle is rigid and hence the resistance when inserting the needle into the skin is relatively higher than other type of threads. However when it is inserted, it can contact large surface of tissue and accordingly it can boost neo-collagenesis and induce a great augmentation effect.

Eye Lift

EYE LIFT is a delicate cannula with PDO thread designed for the treatment of eyeliftperiorbital region in a safe way and without hematoma.

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